Online Makeup Course

The makeup course where we take full advantage of technology to put an end to your doubts once and for all.

Living exclusively from makeup is possible, and it's for you. We've already done it.

We'll give you the tools and knowledge to do it too.

Online? You are sure?

We're not going to lie to you, in-person courses have a lot of advantages. This format, however, allows us to up the game by illustrating abstract concepts, showing you common mistakes, problem-solving strategies, and more. This is only possible in the digital medium. The best part? Is that it allows you to learn at your own pace, review it as many times as necessary and go back and forth if you need to listen/watch it a second time. All this for a fraction of the price of a face-to-face course - to be more precise, you will have access to everything for one euro per day.

Too much or too little experience

This course analyzes all the details that make up beauty makeup. So whether you have any or a lot of experience, we are sure that you will find learning elements and that you will be able to carry them into your day-to-day life as a professional.

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The 10 commandments of the makeup artist

1 - May we never again be haunted by a gray circle under our eyes

2 - May we never again see a face with 1kg of product to cover 3 pimples

3 - That the lips end in perfect edges

4 - Let there be life behind the sideburn

5 - May the face always belong to the body of whoever carries it

6 - May your eyeliner never make a bulge again

7 - That you don't have to have another "profession"

8 - May the face never resemble a zebra

9 - Make sure your brushes are always impeccably clean

10 - That errors are always noticeable and correctable