Alchemy Case

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Your alchemy belongs here!

At overtones we believe that your clients deserve foundation, concealer and lipstick colors customized to perfection, every time! You, even more, deserve to only have to go through this work once. We believe in going to set without having to do a monstrous amount of retouching and that your time is valuable. We hate being yelled at by production because we have to leave the set and we haven't finished retouching yet!

This palette allows you to mix shades to suit your client and keep these mixtures until the end of the day for touch-ups in a hygienic and practical way. Touch up multiple people from a single palette without having to contaminate the original or spend time mixing colors a second time to touch up a concealer or lipstick.

The Alchemy Box is the palette and its box, you can store your mixes for touch-ups for an entire day (or days!) in set.
It also allows you to have different tones adapted to different people so when you are going to retouch several models, without making mistakes.

  • Palette: spacious and transparent so you can compare the tone you mixed with the model in front of you
  • ​Box : You can see everything that goes on inside. To free the palette from the box, there is a hole at the bottom. Just push! There is a space between the palette and the lid, in case you need to store a large volume of a thick product.
  • Magnetic system: The strong magnets will keep the palette glued to the bottom of the box, preventing it from falling onto the lid when turned upside down. You can also stick a magnetic eyeshadow (or four) in the corners of the palette, if you need to fill in some eyebrows, or if you want to adjust the intensity of your work throughout the day.




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