Holographic Pigments

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Tone Chameleon

Composed of micro-fine iridescent pigments, Holographic Pigments give a super shiny effect to the eyes, face and body. Its intense colors, which change depending on light and movement, allow you to create infinite looks.
Their super fine texture and highly adherent to the skin make them perfect for professional use.

Available in 8 colors.

Available colors:

Kaleidoscope - Rose gold with green and gold reflections
Atmosphere - Light blue with champagne, lilac and aqua green reflections. 
Butterfly - Aqua green with golden/champagne reflections .
Hologram - Pastel pink with lilac, champagne and gold reflections.
Chameleon - Dark green (beetle green) with a dark base and golden reflections.
Solar - Light gold with pink reflections.
Parrot - Sky blue with lilac and pink reflections.
Rainbow - Coppery gold with green reflections.





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