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This multidimensional shade will drive you crazy!

From each angle the light hits and reveals a different side, and its translucent base reflects:

Tutu- turquoise> green

Sherbet- peach> orange> golden

Ribbon- baby blue> indigo> purple

Pom Pom- neon green> aqua blue

Pigtails- salmon> golden> orange

Frosting- neon blue > pink > lavender

Dolly- lilac > mint green

Cupcake- lilac > pink > mint green

Buttons- turquoise> light green> gold

Buttercup- yellow > green

Blossom- pink > orange

Ballerina Slipper- orange> pink> gold

Super fine texture that spreads almost like a liquid. Soft, velvety touch that can be built on.

What is a Duochromatic eyeshadow?

A brilliant hybrid pigment between an iridescent chameleon and a pastel glow.

A pigment that doesn't spill?

With each pigment you buy you receive a removable dispensing cap that opens and closes. This lid ensures that you can only take out the amount you need.

Multi functional:

Each pigment has a glitter finish, shimmer and duo-chromatic pastel tones that can be used as an eyeshadow or highlighter.

Smooth, velvety texture that practically melts into the skin and leaves no texture.

Super versatile; can be layered for an even more spectacular effect.

Universal colors, made for all skin tones.

Did you know that you can apply pigments over a dark base and give the colors even more dimension? A dark base will change the way duo-chromatic pigments reflect light and reveal new colors. It's like having 2 different pigments in one pot!

1 gr. - this is just an indication of weight, the pots may appear to be half full because the pigments accumulate over time.

Safety: In case of hypersensitivity to one of the components or/and redness or other skin irritation, immediately discontinue use.

The ingredients are sensitive to light. Direct sunlight can alter colors and duo-chromatic properties. Try to store pigments away from light.

High quality ingredients

Cruelty free.





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